Men’s Fellowship

Our goal is making all men in our church to follow the examples of Lord Jesus Christ. We lead them to grow and strengthen in the spirit through God’s Word, fellowship, encouragement and support. We are directing them to fulfill the calling and purpose of their life.

Our church is blessed with men’s department. We gather every Tuesday 9.00 PM – 10.00 PM. Together we pray for personal needs, families, church ministries, city, political leaders, and social issues.

We equip them,

  • To become better husband, father and men.
  • Finding and maintaining balance for their life.
  • Achieving their potential.
  • Developing their faith.
  • Build Healthy relationships with other men for support, discipleship, and mentorship.
  • Find practical solutions to difficult issues in their daily lives.
  • Recognize their gifts and abilities to further God’s Kingdom.
  • Understand biblical truths and learn how to apply them in their lives.
  • Utilize biblical principles to change and lead their families.