Youth Ministries

As youngsters we live a life walking towards finding a Godly balance to deal with life the God way and have fun in the process…..

‘YA!ROFL type of fun.

We believe in Walking in step with the Holy Spirit – listening and obeying.

Training and disciplining ourselves through the fires of fasting, chewing on the Word of God and intercession.

Responding to life’s challenges with an uncompromising value system.

Our lifestyle speaks of one interwoven with the Love and freedom in Christ we have so freely received,where singing,dancing,and just hanging out is filled with peace and deep joy.

Excelling… leaving no potential unfulfilled.

Influencing our circles of influence for the glory of Yah-weh!

Making disciples of those young people looking for love, joy, peace,acceptance and a true-friend to encourage one another.

Transforming cultures and mindsets around us.